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There could be several reasons why people may be hesitant to buy or build a Passive House: 1. Lack of Awareness: Many people may not be familiar with Passive House and its

Passive House was originally designed to boulster affordable housing options. The premise: drive down the operational cost and create a lower ‘whole lifetime cost’ of a residential building. While the

At Frontiers, we are continuously soaking up industry innovation and translating that knowledge to our clients. Making informed decisions in our changing world is critical to future-proofing our homes. Numerous

In Canada, air quality might be something that we take for granted. We generally live in sprawling communities with low density and lots of natural environments around us.  So the perception

The energy use debate is certainly a multifaceted dinner table conversation, rich with differing perspectives, ideas, and nuances.  In much of the world, they learned long ago that you must first