Landscape Foreman

Frontiers Design Build Inc. is a destination company focused on building epic landscapes in the Guelph and surrounding areas. We have a growing brand in our market for High Performance construction, as well as an established reputation for exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship. We are a turnkey provider of design and construction services for landscapes, renovations and high-performance custom homes. We are looking for an experienced landscape foreman that wants to work on the best projects and learn to perfect their craft. Ideally, you have a desire to learn project management skills that will sustain your career after field work is no longer a viable option – building a career plan that you can rely on.

core values

  • Investment in continuous learning and resources
  • Quality over speed approach
  • Passion + Resources = Success
  • Focus on building science
  • Systems approach
  • Innovation techniques + materials
  • Relationships > transactions
  • Professionalism, communication, organization
  • Polite, friendly, engaged

A team environment emphasizes collaboration, communication, and a shared commitment to achieving common goals. It involves bringing together workers from different backgrounds and specialties to work together towards a shared objectives like a culture of craftsmanship, relationships, and building to last.

In a team environment, each team member is seen as an integral part of the whole, and everyone is encouraged to contribute their unique skills and expertise to the project. Staff are empowered to make decisions and take ownership of their work, and they are supported by their colleagues and management in their efforts to deliver high-quality work on time and within budget.

Teamwork at Frontiers is essential because it helps to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal, that communication is open and transparent, and that any problems or issues can be quickly identified and addressed. At our company wide quarterly meetings, we often focus on team efficiencies and communication.

A team environment fosters a sense of camaraderie at Frontiers. As we continue to work together to overcome challenges and achieve success, we develop a shared sense of purpose and a deep appreciation for each other’s contributions. Our track record is substantial improvement through continued education, constant communication and candid feedback.

The backbone of our continuous learning at Frontiers is our quarterly company wide meetings. These meetings are a full day in length and cover a wide range of topics. Financial education and company performance, strategic planning, improvement of systems and processes, candid feedback, a book club, economic updates, project pipeline review, and so on. We also integrate some fun team bonding with some sort of after meeting activity like a BBQ, axe throwing, hiking, bonfire, etc.

All staff at Frontiers have expressed that these quarterly meetings are a profound element of what shapes the culture at Frontiers. It provides a tangible outlet for company wide input and any and all topics. It has been a catalyst for company and staff growth for a number of years now – and we intend on relying on this unique event for years to come.

A culture of craftsmanship is an organizational mindset that emphasizes quality workmanship, attention to detail, and a dedication to creating superior products and services. It’s a commitment to excellence in all aspects of construction, from design and planning to execution and finishing.

A culture of craftsmanship values the art of building and takes pride in creating structures that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility among employees and fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

In a culture of craftsmanship, construction staff are not just laborers, but artisans who take pride in their work and strive for excellence in everything they do. This mindset leads to a high level of accountability, as workers are encouraged to take ownership of their work and ensure that each project is completed to the highest possible standard.

At Frontiers, we cultivate a culture of craftsmanship to first and foremost have intense pride in the work we are doing, but secondly, to have high levels of customer satisfaction – our clients are often impressed with the quality of work and attention to detail that goes into each project. This, in turn, leads to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals, which can help to build the company’s reputation and establish it as a leader in the industry.

Overall, a culture of craftsmanship is essential for any construction company that wants to stand out in a competitive market and deliver high-quality products and services to its clients. It’s a mindset that values excellence, attention to detail, and the art of building, and it can help to drive success and growth for both the company and its staff.

At Frontiers, we take great pride in this approach, and foster the pursuit of excellence in our team.

Beyond the company wide quarterly meetings discussed in the ‘ongoing training and learning’ section, we try to implement as many opportunities for team growth as possible.

In 2019, we took the entire company to the international Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, to kick off a culture of continuous learning that we had been working on. This event not only galvanized the team, but it introduced us to the concept of high performance home construction – this is the point when Frontiers caught the building science bug, and we have not looked back.

Its not uncommon for you to find a Frontiers crew together at a patio after work, at a baseball game, or up north at someone’s property. Developing a strong company culture means you get to work with like minded individuals that have your back

The benefit of a high-performance approach is that it focuses first on energy-efficiency, environmentally mindfulness, and comfortable for the occupants. A high-performance approach has different definitions when it comes to both design and construction.

  • Within the design context, it refers to a building science driven and integrated design approach. This means focusing first on the building envelope of the home and prioritising the performance design of the project. It also means full collaboration with all design consultants from the onset of the project. This contrasts with a traditional approach whereby a designer comes up with the aesthetic style and layout of the home, and then the design is passed on from one consultant to the next – often resulting in unwarranted conflicts, inefficiencies, and lost opportunities.
  • Within a construction context, a high performance approach refers to advanced building techniques, materials and systems to build a home of a higher calibre than traditional methods. It requires extreme attention to detail and due diligence.

Why work here?

job overview

  • Exceptional pay
  • Unlimited vacation
  • In-house benefits
  • Company bonus pool
  • Epic projects
  • Continuous learning
  • Culture of craftsmanship
  • Innovation focused
  • Fast paced growth

compensation plan

Paid Time Off


Frontiers is looking to add this critical piece to its high performing management team. Are you looking for a company that will allow you to be independent, innovative, and impactful? We are looking for a strong cultural fit and someone that wants to  grow as a team.