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“I’m hesitant to build or buy a Passive House – it sounds complicated.”

There could be several reasons why people may be hesitant to buy or build a Passive House:

1. Lack of Awareness: Many people may not be familiar with Passive House and its benefits. Education and awareness about the advantages of this approach in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability are crucial to increasing their popularity.

2. Perceived Cost: While a Passive House home offers long-term savings on energy bills due to its high level of insulation and energy efficiency, the upfront investment of building or buying one is higher compared to conventional homes. Some people are deterred by this initial investment, even though it pays off over time. Overall lifetime cost of ownership is lower.

3. Limited Availability: Homes built to the Passive House level are still relatively uncommon compared to traditional homes. The limited availability of them in certain areas may make it difficult for people to find one that meets their needs and preferences. However, with a custom build opportunity, the opportunity exists to ‘have your cake, and eat it too’.

4. Design Preferences: Some individuals may have specific design preferences that are not typically associated with the building science based approach of a Passive House. They may prioritize certain architectural styles or features that are more commonly found in conventional homes like wood-burning fireplaces that negatively affect airtightness, or extremely large facades of glass that affect thermal performance.

5. Misconceptions: There may be misconceptions or myths surrounding a Passive House approach, such as concerns about indoor air quality, ventilation, or the ability to customize the home. Addressing these misconceptions through accurate information and testimonials from an expert can help alleviate concerns. This home boasts exceptional indoor air quality via continuous filtered fresh air. 

6. Resale Value Concerns: Some potential buyers may be concerned about the resale value of a Passive House, especially if they plan to sell the property in the future. They are inherently a more robust home with superior long-term resilience, energy performance, comfort, and health. This increases the appeal and value of the home to someone who knows what they are getting. 

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