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“Maximize Comfort” | But what does this mean?

Everyone likes being comfortable, right? The warm embrace of your favorite comfy couch. The relaxing feel of a hot shower in the morning. Calming natural light in your home office. Most people can find a couple of little ‘comfort’ microclimates in their home. Unfortunately, most people are also able to note lots of uncomfortable examples as well. 

When we talk about ‘maximizing comfort’ in the context of designing a home, the idea is to increase the consistency of comfort, and eliminate the instances of discomfort – and this is where the conversation gets a bit deeper:

The traditional approach in home design focuses predominantly on functional layout and aesthetics – building envelope performance (at a robust level) has not often had a seat at the table. The only way to take that feeling of comfort and spread it comprehensively across the entire home is to approach the design with a focus on building science. 

The design of Passive House is based on five fundamental principles:

  1. Continuous Insulation
  2. Thermal bridge-free design
  3. Passive House windows
  4. Airtightness
  5. Ventilation with heat recovery

By giving the above principles a seat at the table in early conceptual design, we can achieve some incredible results! A house that is quiet, thermally consistent, and full of fresh filtered air. This approach allows us to design, with a high level of certainty, homes that don’t experience unwanted drafts, stuffy bedrooms, cold basements, temperature swings, and so on. Maximizing comfort is a science – and the work has to begin upfront to achieve a home that maximizes comfort!

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